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Download Net Tool 1.1

Installation Instructions.

Simply download and save Net Tool to a directory.

Nettool should never need to be invoked by the user, it is simply a support utility for PM Manager and other programs.


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Net Tool

Net Tool is a support utility for performing network access. It is required by PM Manager.

Net Tool is supplied as Free Ware.


Current Version Nettool 1.1.05

New Compiler reduced size of compile version by 2/3rds

Improved Cookie storage reduces number of login cycles. Effectivelly doubles speed of all fetches.

Current Version Nettool 1.0.05

Improved Job fetching routine to reduce "Stalls."

(Stalls occur when the Net Tool goes into Idle state prematurely without completing the current task list. It can be brought out of Idle by the addition of a task to the Task List.)