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Download PM Manager 1.1

Download Net Tool 1.1

Installation Instructions.

Simply download and save PM Manager and Nettools to the same directory. Then start PM Manager.


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PM Manager

PM manager is a utility designed to fetch and manage private messages (PM's) from the Nice Message board. With PM Manager, it is no longer necessary to log into each and every avatar individually. You can fetch all your avatars PM's at once, and you can reply or delete PM's without ever having to log in.

PM Manager 1.1

PM Manager 1.1 supports the following features

  • Multiple Lists of Avatars
  • Listing of Sent and Recieved PM's
  • Download and Viewing of PM(s)
  • Compose and Send responces
  • Delete PM's

    Upcoming versions of PM Manager will be expanded to include the following additional features.

  • Automatic Post Success Verification
  • Save Drafts of posts in progress
  • Inport text files into replys.
  • Forward replys to third parties
  • Send new PM's to avatars on your contact list.

    PM Manager is share ware, allowing 10 (non-consecutive) days of use, after which there will be a one time license fee if you wish to continue using it.

Licence fees:
$10 for a ten avatar license;
$15 for a fifty avatar licence;
$5 upgrade to fifty avatar licence;

Users who licence PM Manager and who send an email address with their payment will recieve advance email notification of upgrades. Or if you prefer, send an Avatar ID # and you can recieve PM's regarding upgrades.

(Thanks go to the player of Nagi Ravenwolf for Beta Testing Assistance.)


Current Version PMman 1.1.05

New Compiler reduced size of compile version by 2/3rds

Fixed several bugs regarding how PM's display.